Building Inspections


As part of proactive measures to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and ensure safety, the City of Rossland is implementing the following permitting and inspection procedures until further notice.


No inspections will be done in homes that are occupied. Buildings under construction will be inspected but no one can be inside the building during the inspection. Where possible, the City will rely on the builder or registered professionals to provide written declarations, photographs, or video confirming compliance in lieu of inspections. All paperwork such as inspection reports or engineer schedules will need to be emailed to the inspector.

List of inspections:

  1. Footings
  2. Pre-Backfill/Drain Tile
  3. Water / Sewer / Storm Hook-up
  4. Plumbing Under Slab
  5. Plumbing Rough In
  6. Framing
  7. Insulation Vapour Barrier
  8. Final / Occupancy

Building permit issuance:

Applicants will be notified when a permit is ready to be picked up. They will be able pay online or mail a cheque (PO Box 1179, Rossland, B.C, V0G 1Y0) or drop a cheque in the drop box at the City office located at 2196 LeRoi Ave, Rossland. Once a permit is approved to be issued, an application will be emailed for signature. Further instructions will be outlined in the email.

Building permit applications:

Building permit applications, including all required paperwork and drawings, can be submitted by email. We will also take the applications by appointment. Call the office at the number below for instructions. To book an inspection and/or to apply for a permit at this time please contact:

Parry LaFond
Chief Building & Plumbing Official
(250)362-2326 / Email

When do I need a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is required to:

  • Construct a new home
  • Construct a new accessory building such as a carport, garage or storage shed
  • Construct a farm building
  • Construct a commercial, industrial or public use building
  • Renovate existing buildings
  • Undertake any structural work such as interior partitions
  • Enclose a porch or roof over a sundeck
  • Move a building
  • Locate a mobile home
  • Roofing and re-roofing a structure
  • Reconstruct after damage (eg. fire)
  • Exterior finish, such as stucco or siding.

A Building Permit is not required when you do non-structural work such as:

  • Painting
  • Landscaping, sidewalks, driveways
  • Fencing (fence height must comply with zoning bylaw where applicable)
  • Cupboards

When do I need a Plumbing Permit?

A Plumbing Permit is required:

  • With new houses, additions, renovations when drawings indicate fixtures
  • When a plumbing system is constructed, extended, altered, renewed, or a connection made to a sewer or sewage disposal system.

A Plumbing Permit is not required:

  • When a fixture, valve or faucet is repaired or replaced, a stoppage cleared or a leak repaired if no change in the piping is required.

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