Committees & Commissions

Heritage Commission

The City of Rossland Heritage Commission consists of 5 members appointed by City Council. To read more on commission membership and responsibilites click here and follow the links.

Design Review Panel

The City Council appoints members of the Design Review Panel (DRP). The Design Review Panel reviews all applications for alterations and new construction on commercial and multi-family zoned properties within the downtown Development Permit Area. They do not review interior work, only exterior alterations. They then recommend formal action by City Council.

The majority of projects presented to the Design Review Panel are either recommended for approval as submitted or for approval with modifications. Click here for more info on design guidelines.

Sustainability Commission

Visit their website here:

Rossland City Council appointed the Sustainability Commission to help guide the implementation of the Strategic Sustainability Plan. The Commission is governed by the Sustainability Commission Bylaw (#2556) and consists of seven community members and two councilors. Read more here.