How the City Council Process Works

Council Meetings

Council Meetings are usually held at 6:00 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at the Miners' Hall, pursuant to our Procedure Bylaw. Members of the public wishing to attend Council meetings may view a copy of the agenda online or obtain a copy from the front counter of City Hall. To find out if the Agenda is available, contact the City Office at 250-362-7396 on the Friday afternoon preceding the Monday Council meeting. 

For the benefit of members of the public who are unable to attend Council meetings Minutes of the meetings are posted on the web site shortly after the minutes are approved by Council.

Public Hearings

A Public Hearing is a Special Council meeting that serves as a forum for members of the public to provide input to Council on all matters relating to land use.

Public Hearings are held prior to Regular Meetings when necessary in Council Chambers at City Hall. A Public Hearing agenda is made public through a notice that is published in the Rossland Record approximately one to two weeks before the Public Hearing.

 Delegations, Petitions and Public Participation

(1)    The Corporate Officer may allow up to a maximum of two (2) individual(s) and/or group delegation(s) to address Council at a Regular or Special meeting on any subject matter related to the City of Rossland, provided written application on the prescribed form has been received by the Corporate Officer, or his/her designate, by 4:00 pm, seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

(2)   Additional delegations then stated in Section 19(1) of this Bylaw may be permitted if approved under Section 15(1) of this Bylaw.

(3)   Each delegation’s address to Council must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes unless a longer period is agreed to by a unanimous vote of those members present at the meeting. 

(4)   Where written application has not been received by the Corporate Officer as prescribed in Section 19(1) of this Bylaw, an individual or delegation may address the meeting if approved by the unanimous vote of the members present at that meeting.  Section 19(2) of this Bylaw would then apply.

(5)   Council must not permit a delegation to address a meeting of the Council regarding a bylaw in respect of which a public hearing has been previously held, or where the public hearing is required under an enactment as a pre-requisite to the adoption of the bylaw.

(6)    The Corporate Officer may look to schedule a requested delegation to another Council meeting or advisory body as deemed appropriate according to the subject matter of the delegation.

(7)    The Corporate Officer may refuse to place any submitted delegation request on the agenda if the issue is not considered to fall within the jurisdiction of Council.  If the delegation wishes to appeal the Corporate Officer’s decision, the information must be distributed, under separate cover, to Council for their review and consideration.

(8)    Any citizen may request to address Council on any matter related to the City without prior notice, during the Public Input Period of the meeting.

(9)    Each individual addressing Council during the Public Input Period is limited to two (2) minutes.  If appropriate, the presiding member at that meeting may allow an extension to this time limit. 

Please note that complete copies of bylaws, resolutions, supporting staff reports and other background material are available from the City Clerk.

Rossland City Delegation Form