Design Review Committee

The City Council appoints members of the Design Review Panel (DRP). The Design Review Panel reviews all applications for alterations and new construction on commercial and multi-family zoned properties within the downtown Development Permit Area. They do not review interior work, only exterior alterations. They then recommend formal action by City Council.

The majority of projects presented to the Design Review Panel are either recommended for approval as submitted or for approval with modifications.

Design Guidelines

In 1997 the City of Rossland adopted Design Guidelines for Downtown Rossland. These design guidelines are for heritage revitalization projects, infill construction and signage issues within the Development Permit Area in downtown Rossland. They apply in a formal review process to properties in the areas zoned C-2 and R-3. They also are for voluntary use on other properties in the traditional core of the city.

Construction work associated with officially designated Heritage properties as well as to buildings identified as "contributing" to the traditional character of downtown are addressed in a special chapter on the treatment of heritage buildings. Alterations to other existing, "non-contributing" buildings and designs for new buildings also are subject to review and are covered in a chapter on new construction. Site work, colour and sign designs are also addressed.

For a copy of the Design Guidelines or information on the fees associated with the guidelines please contact City Hall at 250-362-7396 or click here.