Miners Hall

The Miners' Hall is a historical building in a central location downtown Rossland. This facility includes various rentable spaces to accommodate all types of events including weddings, funerals, live performances, fundraisers, meetings, fitness classes, etc. Below you will find all the information you need to decide if the Miners' Hall is right for your event, which space is best suited, pricing and how to book.

Facility Rental Spaces

Performance Hall

The Performance Hall is a 2082 square foot room, including a warming kitchen and stage area with an occupancy load of 198 (156 with tables and chairs). Rental of this space includes use of 150 padded chairs, 16 - 6' x 29" plastic folding tables. 15 - 2' round, 30" tall, black, café style tables are also available free of cost upon request. Please refer to ‘special considerations' below for audio/visual equipment options. The hall dimensions are 38'4" x 54'4" and the stage dimensions are 17'9" x 27'3". Recommended uses of the Performance Hall include live bands and performances, fundraisers, weddings, funerals.

Attic Green Room

Users can choose to also rent access to the Attic Green Room when renting the Performance Hall space. This 432-square foot room with 2 bathrooms, 1 shower, kitchenette, lockers, mirrors, couch and 2 lounge chairs is accessed via stairs off the stage in the Main Hall. The Attic Green Room is ideal for groups using the Main Hall for plays, musical acts, etc where actors/musicians require a room to prepare and change.

Lily May Room

The Lily May Room is a 17 x 42 foot (714 square feet), newly renovated post and beam style meeting/social room. The Lily May Room has occupancy load of 75 and is ideal for baby showers, small gatherings, book clubs, etc. Rental of this space includes use of 49 padded chairs and 8 - 6ft x 29in folding tables. The room is accessed up 2 flights of stairs from the Miners’ Hall main entrance. The Lily May Room includes the Attic Lounge, a 340-square foot entrance room with coat rack, kitchenette (55 square feet) and bathroom.


*all fees are subject to applicable taxes
User Group Fees Performance
Hall w/ Attic
Green Room
Lily May
Room with
Attic Lounge
Hall, Attic
Green Room &
Lily May Room
Non-Profit Local
Hourly (2-4 hrs) $33/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Event Daily Rate $573 $200 $725
All Other
Hourly (2-4 hrs) $45/hr $35/hr $75/hr
Event Daily Rate $645 $260 $875
When Applicable Light User
Discount (1)
$250 N/A $250
When Applicable Self-cleaning
Discount (2)
$125 $50 $175
All RCAC Chair Fee (3) $25 $10 $25
All Damage Deposit (4) $400 $100 $500

(1) Light User Discount: A light user discount can be applied to flat daily rentals where the user or event is deemed to be of light impact on the facility and facility floors. Examples of light users include meetings, non-alcoholic events or events with low attendance. This fee will be assessed on a per applicant basis by the City. All decisions on the City's initial fee assessment will be final.

(2) Self-cleaning Discount: The self-cleaning discount is applied to flat daily rentals who can prove that they are able to return the hall to its original state, without the need for cleaners to be hired by the City of Rossland. This fee will be assessed on a per applicant basis by the City. All decisions on the City's initial fee assessment will be final.

(3) RCAC Chair Cleaning Fee: This fee is forwarded to the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture, who maintain the chairs in the Miners' Union Hall.

(4) Damage Deposit: A damage deposit will be collected with each booking in the form of cash and credit card. Non-certified cheque may be accepted by regular user groups holding low-impact events. Examples include book clubs, board meetings, etc.

Facility Rental Categories

Non-Profit Local Organization:

Functions and events hosted by local non-profit membership based organizations. Examples of this type of organization include – Rossland Arts Council, Rotary, Gold Fever Follies, Red Mountain Racers, Quilting Society, Fall Fair Society.

Private Function:

A private function, wedding or funeral, which doesn’t involve charging an admission fee.

For-Profit Local:

A for profit event hosted by City of Rossland residents.

For-Profit Out of Town:

A for profit event hosted by non-local residents, or people living outside of Rossland City limits.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • 50% deposit required to confirm booking
  • Balance due 14 days prior to event
  • 75% refund for cancellation made with 6 months’ notice or more
  • 50% refund for cancellation made with 3 months’ notice or more
  • 25% refund for cancellation made with 1 month notice or more
  • No refund within 30 days of event
  • All renters must complete and sign the Miners’ Hall Rental Agreement

Special Considerations

The Miners’ Union Hall is a City-owned heritage community hall that does not have a full-time staff member on site at all times. Due to this, special consideration must be made when booking events as to your needs on the day of the event in regard to set-up, clean-up, audio visual requirements and more as these are solely the responsibility of the renter. If you are not familiar with the Miners’ Hall, we strongly suggest you hire a local event coordinator to act as your on-site, in-town staff member for your event. Options of coordinators and other service specialists are listed below.

Ann Damude Events - (250)362-5617 (email)

Ann Damude Events has been providing special event management services in the West Kootenays since 2006. In that time, Ann and her associates have implemented over 70 special events including concerts, festivals, conferences, workshops, meetings, and celebrations. Many of these events have been hosted at the Rossland Miners’ Union Hall. We have extensive knowledge of special event resources available in our region, whether it's elegant tables and linens, a stilt-walking juggler or a sound system.

Rachael Roussin (email)

Rachael has over six years of professional event management experience including conferences, concerts, film festivals and multi-day events. Rachael has coordinated and promoted over twenty events at the Miners' Union Hall and understands the procedures for working with the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture, the City of Rossland and other community groups.

Laura Pettitt

Laura is a long-time Rossland local with an extensive knowledge of the Miners’ Hall. Her and her crew are available for hire to clean the hall after events. Contact Rossland Recreation for her contact information.

How to Book

  1. Read the above information regarding the hall to determine which space is best for your event.
  2. Visit the Rossland Recreation website and check out the Dry Floor to find an available date for your event.
  3. Create an account if you have not already done so.
  4. Follow the prompts to request a booking (rates may be adjusted according to events and user group type when your booking is confirmed).
  5. You will be sent a confirmation by email, prompting you to login and pay the balancing owing on the account to confirm your booking.
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