Downtown Rossland

Cities, to be vital, must develop and change over time. Heritage conservation is an important part of the management of this change. An effective heritage program defines elements of a city's past that are key to its present identity, and provides means to encourage their retention. Here, you will find information on the City's heritage conservation policy and community heritage register.

The purpose of the City of Rossland's heritage program is not to preclude development, but rather to facilitate the revitalization and rehabilitation of historic resources (primarily buildings) through appropriate management. There are many ways in which sensitive additions and infill, and new complementary uses, can be encouraged by incentives, and achieved through negotiation.

Heritage conservation is about the management of a community's past for future generations. Heritage planning is the process of deciding how to manage that inheritance. Heritage planning must be closely linked to other community planning and development activities.  In February 2009, the Heritage Commission Bylaw was adopted by the City of Rossland. Some duties of the Heritage Commission include: supporting council by reviewing and submitting recommendations on land use and planning matters which have heritage implications, and providing advice on matters relating to heritage conservation.

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For more information about Heritage Conservation in British Columbia visit the Heritage Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.