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The City of Rossland has established an official Heritage Registry. A Heritage Register is an official list of places (sites and buildings) identified by the City as having heritage character.  For more information on buildings and sites in the Heritage Register please go to the following links:

The Heritage Register is used as a planning tool by the City, as an opportunity to discuss options with the property owner, and as a way to offer guidance and support to property owners. Please see the attachment below for more information.

What is a Heritage Registry-Pamphlet

BUILDING Date of Construction Location
Miners’ Union Hall 1898 1765 Columbia Avenue
Kamloops Mining and Drilling Co. 1895 or 1896 1854 Columbia Avenue
Lemon Block 1895 1841 Columbia Avenue
Burns Block 1905 1973 Columbia Avenue
Hunter Brothers Store 1905 1990 Columbia Avenue
Bank of Montreal 1898/99 2004 Columbia Avenue
Post Office 1903 2096 Columbia Avenue
Jordan Block 1898-1901 2014- 2110 Columbia Avenue
Bank of Toronto 1896 2105 Columbia Avenue
Lalonde & Rodier Block 1896 2116, 2118, 2132 and 2140 Columbia Ave.
W.K Power and Light Building 1895 2127-2120 Columbia Avenue
Wallace Building 1899 2167 Columbia Avenue
Montreal Hotel 1896 2167 Columbia Avenue
Velvet Hotel pre 1898 2197 Columbia Avenue
Court House 1901 2288 Columbia Avenue
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1915 2414 Columbia Avenue
Hoffman House 1896 2044 Washington Street
Collins Hotel 1896 2038 Washington Avenue
Bodega Hotel 1896/97 2054 Washington Avenue
Liquor Store 1896 2063 Washington Avenue
Agnew & Co. 1900 2253 Washington Avenue
Glazan Block 1902 1916 First Avenue
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1898 2100 First Avenue
Munn’s Bakery 1902 1999 Second Avenue
Bellevue Hotel 1897 2003 Second Avenue
Rossland City Hall/Fire Hall 1900 2115 Queen Street
Drill Hall 1904 2095 Monte Christo Street
West Kootenay Substation 1898 1817 Planer Street
Rossland/Trail Golf Clubhouse 1927 953 Redstone Drive
SITE Date of Construction Location
Red Mountain Ski Area 1947 Northwestern Rossland
Red Mountain Mining Site 1890 South Slope of Red Mountain
Red Mountain Railway Bed 1895/96 Northport to Western Rossland
Rossland Swimming Pool 1932 1869 Columbia Avenue
Father Pat Monument 1902 2071 Columbia Avenue
Rossland Tennis Courts c. 1905 2630 LeRoi Avenue
Happy Valley Orchard c. 1910 Happy Valley, Northeast Rossland
Columbia Cemetery 1899 Happy Valley
Columbia and Western Railway Bed 1895/96 Rossland to Warfield, Lower Rossland
Calvary Cemetery 1896 Trail Wagon Road, Lower Rossland
Trail Wagon Road 1893 Esling Drive to Warfield
Chinese Gardens c. 1898 South Eastern Rossland
Dewdney Trail 1865 South Eastern Rossland