Midtown Mixed Use Development

Weekly Update - September 5 -12

Time Lapse

Construction Information: 

Yellowridge Construction began work on June 7th, 2021. Hours of work follow the City of RosslandGood Neighbour Bylaw No. 2631Monday to Sunday between the hours of 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.   email any questions or concerns to operations.manager@rossland.ca or call (778) 457-5035. 




What’s Happening: 


Construction to Date: 

Construction Schedule for Next Week: 

Excavation & Servicing 

Export Contaminated Fill 

Import Structural Fill 

Place/Compact Structural Fill 

Excavate Install Civil Services Onsite 

Backfill to Underside Footings 

Continue Backfill to Underside Footings 

Water Main Hook-up 


Form/Pour Exterior Footings 

Form/Pour Exterior Walls 

Form/Pour Elevator Walls 

Form/Pour Exterior Pads and Columns 

Damp Proof/Insulation 

Drain Tile Installation 

Underground Plumbing  

Underground Electrical 

Continue Underground Plumbing 

Continue to Form/Pour Exterior Pads and Columns 

Continue to Form/Pour Interior Footings and Curbs 

Radon Pipe and Rock 


Midtown Mixed Use Development Project Background Information