We have currently re-located “City Hall Operations” to the upstairs portion of the Miners’ Hall (Lilly May / Green Rooms).  Council meetings will be held in the Performance Hall space on the main floor.  We are planning on remaining in this location until we determine where a more-suitable longer-term relocation of City Hall may be – where activities for this is currently well underway.  More details on this initiative will be provided once we have some additional information.
The existing City Hall building is currently not in use.  It has been shovelled off to help prevent further shifting.  A sump pump was also installed on the roof in a depression of the failure area to help prevent any further water damage to the building.  Also, recently conducted snow load testing activities found the following results:  City Hall Roof – 65 lbs/ sq ft and Museum Roof 85 lbs / sq ft.
We have also completed activities related to temporary bracing of the failed beam inside City Hall.  It is expected that a structural engineer will now be able to go in and complete a more comprehensive inspection as to both the cause and extent of the problem sometime early next week.  

Bryan Teasdale
Chief Administrative Officer
Corporate Officer