Short term Rental Information

December 1, 2017

Press Release – For Immediate Release                                                                                               

Rossland, BC – Council struck an Unlicensed Short Term Rental Advisory Committee in mid-2016 to assist with reviewing the effects, impacts and issues related to unlicensed short term rental accommodations within the City.  Over the course of the last year and a half, numerous recommendations were provided to Council from the Committee to help the City look to protect the integrity and make-up of Rossland as a sustainable, full-service, year-round community that exhibits a mix of residents and tourists.  Based on this consultation process, numerous initiatives were undertaken in 2017 that are now complete.  These include:

  1. Amendments to the current Official Community Plan, Zoning and Business Licence Bylaws that more clearly identify what, where and how short term rental accommodations are permitted in the City,
  2. Creation and adoption of a new Short Term Rental Accommodations Policy to help provide objective decision-making efforts for Council on other matters related to short term rental activities, and
  3. Development of general public information sheets that clearly indicate the process on how to ensure compliance with the new City bylaws and regulations with respect to short term rental accommodations.

Key highlights of the updated Bylaw regulations around short term rentals include the following items:

  • Except for the “Red Mountain Area” of the City, all operators of a short term rental accommodations must be the permanent residents of the property being used and shall be engaged in the management of the Short-Term Rental activities,
  •  Maximum amount of short term rental units in the City will be maxed at 5% of the total dwellings within the City at the time of a specific unit’s approval
  •  Maximum density of short term rental units will be “one per block” in the Old Rossland and Redstone areas of the City
  •  Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis
  •  All short term rentals will be required to have a business license, including those managed by a property management company.

The City will be fully enforcing all applicable Bylaws and their regulations to ensure continued compliance with respect to short term rental accommodations activities within the City.  For further information and guidance in relation to these new changes, please contact City Hall or the Planning Department.