Tax Exemptions

Permissive Tax Exemption

The City of Rossland is accepting applications for 2019 Permissive Tax Exemption.

A property may be eligible for the exemption if the applicant meets all the following criteria according to Policy 04-03 Permissive Tax Exemption:

  1. Is the registered owner of the property, or a tenant under a lease requiring it to pay taxes directly to the City.

  2. Is a British Columbia registered charity or non-profit Society.

  3. Qualifies for an exemption under the provisions of the Community Charter (Part 7, Division 7, Section 224) (other incidental uses would not disqualify the applicant but, if substantial, will reduce the percentage of exemption).

  4. Principal use meets Council’s objectives.

  5. Provide benefits and accessibility to the residents of the City of Rossland. Residents must be primary beneficiaries of the organization’s services. Council may provide partial exemptions.

  6. Provides a service supporting the social, spiritual, cultural, educational or physical well-being of the community.

  7. Is in compliance with municipal policies, plans, bylaws, and regulations (ie. Business licencing, zoning, etc.)

Further information and the application forms are available below or at City Hall, 2196 LeRoi Avenue, Rossland. The deadline for application submissions for this program is July 15, 2019

Elma Hamming, CFO
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