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Tue, 2020/12/15

To report concerns around PHO order violations by businesses, venues or individuals, contact our Rossland bylaw office at City Hall, 250-362-7396. Our local bylaw officer can follow up on concerns, and engage the police department and WorkSafeBC as necessary. If you are unable to reach our local bylaw office, contact the Trail RCMP detachment’s 24/7 non-emergency line: 250-364-2566 (Remember, calling 911 is only appropriate in serious, emergency situations.)

Where can I read about the Province’s COVID-19 vaccination plan?

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Sun, 2021/02/28

Notification of Infrastructure Asset Surveying

From mid-May until late August, the City of Rossland will be surveying infrastructure assets throughout town with a high-precision GPS. This survey will provide valuable location data for city assets such as water shut-off valves, sewer cleanouts, storm drains, etc. Accurate and precise location data for these assets will be of great benefit to many aspects of city operations, particularly in emergency shut-off situations.


Manager of Finance (Chief Financial Officer)

Located in the beautiful West Kootenay region of British Columbia, the City of Rossland is a progressive municipality of 4,000 people known for its proximity to world-class outdoor recreation, heritage architecture and arts & culture atmosphere.  Only four hours from Kelowna, two and a half hours from Spokane, WA and three kilometers from the base of Red Mountain Resort (within City limits), Rossland is rapidly growing into a first-class, all-seasons BC Resort Municipality.

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Sat, 2021/05/22



Message from Mayor Kathy:

As vaccines are rolling out, its important to distribute this information broadly. While vaccines are coming, please remain vigilent and practice Covid-19 precautions. Rosslanders and all of our local businesses have done an outstanding job keeping everyone safe, However, recently there have been a few cases locally. People are getting complacent and we can’t relax just yet. Please do your part now, so we can have a normal summer.