City Council

About City Council

Since March 18, 1897 when the City of Rossland was first incorporated, the responsibility for local government in Rossland has been vested in a Mayor and Council. The Mayor and six Councillors make up City Council.

The primary functions of City Council are to establish administrative policy, to adopt bylaws governing matters delegated to local government through the Local Government Act, Community Charter and other Provincial statutes for the protection of the public, and to levy taxes for these purposes. City Council is also empowered to manage, acquire and dispose of City assets. The day-to-day operation of the City is delegated by Council to the Chief Administrative Officer and City Staff.

2021 Acting Mayor Schedule:

Councillor Nightingale – January 2021

Councillor Morel – February 2021 

Councillor Spooner – March 2021    

Councillor Miller – April 2021           

Councillor Bowman – May 2021       

Councillor Morel – June 2021

Councillor Nightingale – July 2021   

Councillor Lewis – August 2021        

Councillor Spooner – September 2021

Councillor Miller – October 2021      

Councillor Bowman – November 2021

Councillor Lewis – December 2021

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