City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund (2CSF)

City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund (2CSF)


In late 2020, the City of Rossland received $1,257,000 in provincial funding under the COVID‐19 Safe Restart Grant for Local Governments as part of the Province’s previously announced estimated $2 billion joint federal/provincial spending program related to COVID-19. This funding supports local governments as they deal with increased operating costs and lower revenue due to COVID‐19 and will ensure continuance of services people depend on in their communities. Eligible costs include:

  • addressing revenues shortfalls
  • facility reopening and operating costs
  • emergency planning and response costs
  • bylaw enforcement and protective services like fire protection and police
  • computer and other electronic technology costs (to improve interconnectivity and virtual communications)
  • services for vulnerable persons (e.g. persons living with disabilities, mental illness or addictions, persons experiencing homelessness or other vulnerabilities)
  • other related costs

At the October 18th, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council, Council approved a plan for deployment of funds; including the allocation of $50,000 in 2021 and $50,000 in 2022 to create the City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund will take the form of one-time grants of up to $5,000 to eligible community groups to help offset costs related to financial pressures related to COVID-19.

About the City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund (2CSF)

Rossland City Council recognizes the vital role non-profit and charitable organizations play in ensuring the social, cultural, and environmental well-being of our community. Council also recognizes the significant challenges that the non-profit sector has encountered as they continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19. The 2CSF is aimed at providing low-barrier financial assistance to community organizations to support programs, projects, services, and events that benefit the citizens of Rossland and help offset financial pressures related to COVID-19.

How It Will Work

  1. Eligible organizations will fill out a short online application form asking for basic information about their organization, how they have been impacted by COVID-19 and how they would make use of funds.
  2. Staff will perform an initial review of applications, following up with applicants for additional details as necessary and preparing a report for Council.
  3. On a monthly basis at a scheduled Regular Meeting of Council, Council will review and approve funding requests up until the point that all funds have been distributed.
  4. Staff will follow up with successful applicants to sign an agreement governing terms of the release of funds.


Applications must:

  1. Be made by a registered service club, non-profit society or charitable organization whose services benefit the residents of Rossland and help meet the goals and strategic initiatives of the City.
  2. Provide a worthwhile service(s), programs(s) or amenity to the Rossland community and does not duplicate or compete with existing services, businesses or facilities.
  3. Demonstrate alignment with relevant City guiding strategies (e.g. Official Community Plan, 100% renewable by 2050, Corporate Strategic Plan, Natural Asset Management).
  4. Be able to articulate how they will use funds requested to offset costs related to financial pressures associated with COVID-19 or to support initiatives that help the organization and community continue a safe restart.

Apply using this form: City of Rossland COVID-19 Community Support Fund.

Applications will be considered on a rolling monthly basis until all funds ($100K) have been disbursed.

Please refer to the City of Rossland’s Corporate Strategic Plan Priorities to assist you in identifying areas of alignment to strengthen your application.

If you are unable to access the above 2CSF Funding Application Form or should you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Services Department at