Miners' Hall Task Force Report

In September 2008, the City of Rossland appointed a 5 person Task Force to provide recommendations to Council on all aspects of the Miners Union Hall.  The Task Force is comprised of the following individuals: Lindsay Wong, Laura Pettit, Ann Damude, Darrin Albo and Robin Hethey.  The Task Force‚Äôs mandate was to examine all aspects of the Hall, including ongoing maintenance, capital improvements, programming, leased space, and heritage value.

For the past few months, the Task Force has been gathering information on service agreements, revenues, expenses, maintenance costs, structural issues, usage data and the history of the Hall.  Additionally, the Task Force invited all stakeholders of the Miners Hall to consult with the Task Force in both written format and at a meeting.  The Meeting was facilitated by Terry Miller and attended by 24 individuals who regularly use the Hall.