Regular Council Meeting Agenda Package April 19, 2021

Regular Meeting of Council - Monday 19 April, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.


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Ms. Penny Johnson, Director of Rossland Community Garden and Ms. Laura Jackman, Outdoor Classroom Teacher at RSS will be presenting information about plans regarding the relocation of the Rossland Rotary Community Garden.

Policies and Bylaws:

Notice Enforcement and Adjudication System Bylaw No. 2749

Fees and Charges for Recreation, Parks and Cultural Services Bylaw No.2751

Five Year Financial Plan 2021‐2025 Bylaw No. 2753

Municipal Tax Rate Bylaw No. 2754

Ophir Reservoir Local Area Tax Rate Bylaw No. 2755

Red Mountain Specified Area Tax Rate 2021 Bylaw No. 2756

Policy Review: Land Transactions Policy AD-10

Pesticide and Herbicide Use Policy AD-13

Policy Review: Recreation Facilities User Allocation Policy AD-16

Staff Updates and Reports

Rossland Council for Arts & Culture (RCAC) Art Installment Request - Connected and Equilibrium

Proposed Midtown Mixed-Use Development Project - Tender Review and Award

Rossland Pool Operations 2021

Budget Update Q1, 2021

2021 Corporate Management Work Plan – Q1 Progress Report